Dr. Stephanie Schlitz
Associate Professor of English/Linguistics

Stephanie Schlitz received her Ph.D. in Historical Linguistics from the University of Georgia.

Contact Information
Office: 106B Bakeless Center for the Humanities
Email: sschlitz@bloomu.edu
Phone: 570.389.4974
Fax: 570.389.3006
Office Hours: Leave of absence for Fall 2014

Teaching and Research Interests

Dr. Schlitz teaches courses in linguistics, historical linguistics, grammar and syntax, Digital Humanities, and composition. Her research interests include historical linguistics, language and technology, digital humanities, composition and rhetoric, visual rhetoric, and various aspects of electronic publishing. Dr. Schlitz serves as the Director of the Fine Arts and Humanities Living Learning Community and as the Campus Editor for the Keystone Journal of Undergraduate Research.

Courses Taught
Foundations of College Writing
Structure of English
English Grammar
History of English
Language in American Society
Introduction to Digital Humanities

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