Oscar Wilde


Most General Education courses in the Department of English are offered each semester. Upper level courses might be offered on a rotating basis and some courses are only offered once a year or every other year. It is important that you meet with your academic advisor on a regular basis to make sure that you are on track and are able to get into the courses you need to complete your degree in a reasonable time period.

Please note the changing General Education requirements are still in process, therefore it is even more important that you meet with your advisor to make sure that you will have appropriate General Education Points (GEPs) as well as the appropriate course to graduate.

In addition the courses in ISIS are now listed with the moniker ENG and the departmental number "20" is no longer being used.

Fall 2014 Courses

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Fall 2014 English Department Course Brochure.

Spring 2015 Courses

(Available at a later date)

The Registrar's listing of courses is available from the Registrar's web site at http://www.bloomu.edu/registrar/.

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