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World Shakespeare Bibliography Online

The World Shakespeare Bibliography Online is accessible through the Andruss Library Database page. It contains a multitude of scholarly articles on the playwright and his work; it is highly recommended to those looking for secondary sources to use in a research paper related to Shakespearean drama.


JSTOR is also accessible through the Andruss Library Database Page. While it contains articles from scholarly journals on Shakespeare and his works, it can be used for almost any research paper on any topic.

British Library – Shakespeare Quartos Archive

A Quarto is a short book or pamphlet made up of 8 book pages, and it traces all the way back to the Elizabethan Era. Many of the Shakespeare quartos are too fragile to be examined, but luckily, the Shakespeare Quartos Archive is able to provide you with some of Shakespeare's earliest quartos dating back to the early 1600s, but in digital form. Much of these quartos shed light on the historical background of the era, as well as give insight into significant changes Shakespeare may have made to the original text to produce the plays we read today. Follow the tutorials on the site and carefully read the instructions before taking a look at some of these fascinating relics.

Bodleian First Folio

The First Folio is Shakespeare's first ever collection of plays, published seven years after he died by two members of his acting company. The Bodleian had originally given away the First Folio for a Third Folio, only to later buy the First Folio back in 1905. This site is dedicated to the Bodleian First Folio, equipped with its list of plays, a blog, and current information on the Folio's popularity.

Online Concordance of Shakespeare's Complete Works

This Online Concordance of Shakespeare's Complete Works offers web-based versions of Shakespeare's complete works. There is also a search feature that can be used to find where specific terms can be found in various Shakespearean plays and sonnets. This feature also lists how many places a specific term is used throughout the completed works (for example, the word "day" occurs 745 times in 682 speeches within 41 works).

Folger Shakespeare Library

The Folger Shakespeare Library's site includes in-depth information on Shakespeare's life under the "Discover Shakespeare" tab. Also included are links to other Shakespeare web resources.

Shakespeare Birthplace Trust

The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust site features information, pictures, and videos relating to Shakespeare's life and specifically his hometown at Stratford-upon-Avon. Information about visiting Shakespeare's home and news about his birthplace can be found under the "Shakespeare's Birthplace" tab.

Global Shakespeare

The Global Shakespeare's site is an archive for various Shakespeare stage performances done around the world. Visitors can watch videos that document the performances. The "Resources" tab includes scripts, a list of the theatre companies, and much more.

Shakespeare's Life and Times

“Shakespeare’s Life and Times” is a section under the “Library” tab located on the main website’s page (Internet Shakespeare Editions). It familiarizes you with the world that Shakespeare lived and worked in. This section’s content is organized like a shelf of books. Each "book" is listed in the navigational bar beneath the header; each book is divided into chapters dealing with related topics.

The Hamlet Haven

This website is an online annotated bibliography. It is a great resource for navigating scholarship on one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays (Hamlet). Although databases and electronic catalogs aid research, these directories group together scholarly publications that use similar approaches and translate the overwhelming into the maneuverable.


This website is extremely useful for students studying English Literature. Looking at different time periods in early modern English Literature, the site lists many different authors and poets. There is information about each author or poet under them. There is also a list of sources at the end of each work to further aid a student in research on a particular author or poet.

Shakespeare Society of New York

The Shakespeare Society was founded in 1997 by Adriana Mnuchin and Nancy Becker. It’s a nonprofit organization to enhance and share the appreciation and enjoyment of Shakespeare’s work. They did this by having performances and educational activities. Some of the membership fee is put toward supporting educational activities at NYC schools.

H. H. Furnace Shakespeare Library at University of Pennsylvania

The memorial library is dedicated to Shakespeare. Most of the writings (plays and poems) are written in English. There are scrapbooks, photos, letters, and biographies on the site. The site also has information about the history of the Renaissance.

The Global Electronic Shakespeare Conference

The site is used by the academic community for discussions and article reviews. The site tells you when certain articles are available (print or online), when there are job openings, and when there are conferences. You can subscribe to the site to get more information and more articles, and you can also donate.


The project was founded by the British Library Co-operation and Partnership Programme. It recognizes important Shakespeare pieces. The site is run by a library in Birmingham, UK. The purpose of this site is to motivate people to research Shakespeare and learn more about his works and general information.

Shakespeare in Performance

Royal Shakespeare Company

The Royal Shakespeare Company's home is in Stratford-Upon-Avon, which is (coincidentally) William Shakespeare's birthplace. It is one of Britain's most popular forms of entertainment and culture, keeping the classic Shakespearean works alive in the modern era. The Royal Shakespeare Company has been around for over 100 years, and now travels all over the world to share their talent and passion for the great playwright.

Shakespeare's Globe

Founded by American actor and director Sam Wanamaker, Shakespeare's Globe is located on the South Bankside in London. The Globe is a reconstruction of the original Globe playhouse, which was torn down in 1644. The Shakespeare Globe is the ultimate symbol of the Shakespearean drama, taking visitors back to the Elizabethan Era with its reconstruction. It is home to tourists from all over the world who come to experience an enriching, educational experience in relation to the playwright.

American Shakespeare Center

The American Shakespeare Center website is the online presence for Staunton Virginia's Shakespeare center. The site allows visitors to purchase tickets to Shakesperean plays. It also includes information about the American Shakespeare Center under the "About" tab. Visitors can watch a short documentary that looks at the center.

Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble

The Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble website provides detailed information about what the Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble is, its history, staff members, and much more. The site includes a yearly calendar labeled with upcoming events. There are tabs that include a photo archive and a link to the Ensemble's Facebook page.

Shakespeare at the Folger

The Folger Shakespeare Library opened in 1932 and is located in Washington, DC. The library holds the world’s largest collection of Shakespeare material. Researchers, teachers, students, and families attend this library.

Shakespeare Festival in Stratford Ontario

The festival is held to celebrate theatre from April to November. It is the most well-known art festival located in Canada. The festival shows productions of Shakespeare plays.

Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival

The Shakespeare Festival is a professional theater company on DeSales University’s campus. The PSF produces a season of Shakespeare and other classics, musical theatre, and children’s theatre each summer. This website provides detailed information on what the festival entails and any other relevant information. It also serves as an educational source to prospective students studying this topic.

Shakespeare in the Park

This website provides history on the Public Theater and its productions of Shakespeare that take place in its headquarters. This website is also useful in finding information on the Delacorte Theater, which is where Shakespeare in the Park takes place each summer. is very ideal for students interested in supporting the free Shakespeare in the Park productions and programs.

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