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About Dr. Borlik's Shakespeare Class

This site was designed for Dr. Borlik’s Shakespeare course at Bloomsburg University. This class examines and closely analyzes a selection of some of the playwright’s most cherished works, while also delving into the historical and cultural premises of Elizabethan England. Some of the works Dr. Borlik has taught are Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, King Lear, and many more.

While taking this class, many students have had the exciting and valuable opportunity to go on a class trip to see one of Shakespeare’s plays, getting the full theatrical experience. This semester, the class was able to see Romeo and Juliet on Broadway. Photos from this trip, as well as from previous trips, can be viewed here.

This site also includes links to both class resources and web resources, all courtesy of Dr. Borlik. The class resources include handouts Dr. Borlik has used this semester, as well as previous semesters, in his Shakespeare course and sometimes in his other courses, such as European Literature I. These resources are handy for not only those taking this course, but also for students in other literature classes. They can be found here.

The web resources were all carefully selected by Dr. Borlik; they are free to use and can be found here. For those currently enrolled in the class or those looking to enroll, these sites could be highly useful for future paper assignments from Dr. Borlik. Additionally, Dr. Borlik has provided a list of Shakespeare in Performance for those looking to experience Shakespeare’s plays on the stage.

And lastly, for those interested in the London Study Abroad program, information and photo galleries from previous trips can be found here. Dr. Borlik is currently on the committee for the trip, and is more than willing to answer any questions you may have.

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